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Wasa Dredging

Wasa Dredging

Wasa Dredging - Häggblomin palvelutarinat

Underwater dredging requires special equipment

Wasa Dredging, a dredging and water construction company, has been relying on Häggblom as a partner since back in the early days of the millennium. Partnership was earlier initiated on the basis of good reports from others and on Häggblom’s close proximity.

“Reliability, good quality, innovation and development. We have been especially grateful for these,” says Kristian Backlund, Managing Director of Wasa Dredging Oy.

Founded in 1985, Wasa Dredging Oy, specialises in underwater blasting. The company deepens harbours and fairways using its sturdy equipment, which the company has built itself. Häggblom supplies Wasa Dredging with the buckets and wear parts needed for dredging operations. Also when the equipment needs maintenance and repair, Häggblom is called in.

“Buckets are often taken to Häggblom for repair and if any old flaws are found, these are also repaired at the same time,” Backlund says.

Wasa Dredging needs its own unique buckets for underwater dredging.

“We need different types of buckets for dredging than we do for excavation, for example. In this sense, underwater construction is a special activity since the soil is really hard. This means it’s difficult to get the bucket to sink into the earth,” Backlund says.

“Considerably narrower buckets than normal are needed for dredging. Wasa Dredging works with Häggblom to innovate various solutions so that the buckets sink into the earth better. Häggblom takes customer wishes and special needs into account very well.