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Maanrakennusliike Siitonen Oy

Maanrakennusliike Siitonen Oy

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Siitonen’s excavation buckets last longer than earlier

Finnish earthmoving companies Maanrakennusliike Siitonen Oy and Jarkan Maansiirto Oy have completed their first year together since Siitonen acquired Jarka. Both names are well known in the earth-moving business and are still in use. Siitonen is one of the largest companies in its sector in Southern Finland and has a fleet totalling more than 50 machines. Collaboration has flourished since spring 2015.

”Häggblom had already long been supplying us with track rollers and chains, but our collaboration has further intensified. They have offered us their expertise in bucket technology, power transmission and undercarriage parts, together with suspension - all at a competitive price,” Mika Siitonen lists.

Mika Siitonen is particularly pleased with the development made in bucket protection.

“The bucket protection series and Esco tooth systems are really good. There’s a big difference in how long the materials last. Even though the outlay seems expensive when buying, it works out cheaper in the long run since the service life is 3-4 times longer compared with what we used earlier."

Mika Siitonen says that he’s a second generation bucket user and has learnt from his father to be tough on prices.

“The price needs to drop a bit with each phone call with the salesperson,” he jokes.


Häggblom responded to the challenge

Siitonen is really pleased with Häggblom’s service aptitude, positive grip on competition and the endeavours of the sales representative.

“Competition in the business is tough. Häggblom is a highly reliable partner. Our orders arrive as agreed, never late, but quite often early. The fast mobility of the spare parts supplied is crucial to us,” Mika Siitonen emphasises and thanks Häggblom for opening a spare parts warehouse in Juvanmalmi, Espoo.

“It’s a huge benefit for us to be able to secure spare parts quickly and close at hand. Häggblom responded well to the challenge and their price-quality ratio is in a league of its own,” Siitonen proclaims and thanks Häggblom for being so active.

“We continuously receive all sorts of contacts from the representative. Good sales representatives act on their own initiative and call in on us. This is how they become known and identify good market niches.”