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Wolverex bucket collection

Wolverex bucket collection

Häggblom has long been known for its large buckets designed for heavy-duty machinery. We’re now pleased to present a sleeker robust model. Wolverex is a collection of tools intended for mid-range excavators for heavy-duty work.

Wolverex stands for sheer power and flexible versality in one and the same package. The strong Ultralok® teeth have been made from the strongest steel and their unique locking system makes tooth replacement easy and cost efficient. Häggblom is proud to present the collection we have designed, which just goes to show that you don’t have to be big to be strong. Wolverex.

Wolverex by Häggblom



We choose the teeth carefully

The ESCO Ultralok® tooth system features a revolutionary integrated locking system that unlike traditional three-part systems does not require hammering into place. The characteristic teeth of our Wolverex buckets are not just incredibly strong, but also unbeatably flexible to use – thereby improving the overall economy of the device.

  • ✔ Enhanced performance in all types of excavation work
  • ✔ Simpler, faster replacement on-site
  • ✔ Shorter downtimes

The ESCO Ultralok® tooth system comes as standard in all our Wolverex buckets.

Weir Esco


Hardox® – the hardest of the hard

Hardox® is the world’s most abrasion resistant wear plate. Not just on the surface, but right through to the core. It prolongs useful life in the harshest conditions. Since scrap metal, stone, sand and other highly abrasive materials are unable to make grooves or cracks in Hardox®-wearplate, our Wolverex buckets have really impressive abrasion resistance.

  • ✔ Sheer force in lightweight form
  • ✔ Minimal wear
  • ✔ Longer useful life

Hardox®wearplate comes in various versions and is standard in each Wolverex bucket.