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General terms and conditions of the sale and delivery

General terms and conditions of the sale and delivery

— consumption and spare parts sales



The terms and conditions apply to products delivered by Oy A. Häggblom Ab ("Häggblom") against the customer's order. 


Processing of personal data

Häggblom processes and stores personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Act and the EU Privacy Act GDPR.



Häggblom will indicate the price in connection with the quotation or order.

Since Häggblom does not normally trade with private individuals, all prices are reported excluding VAT. However, VAT is added when invoicing.



a)    The aim is to deliver  the  products in stock on the same day if the order is ordered no later than 14:00 -> the goods arrive to the customer usually the next day – with the exception of specified delivery dates in some localities.

b)    Nonstock, orderable products are delivered as soon as possible after the products has been delivered to Häggblom's warehouse. The delivery time is notified to the customer at the  time of ordering or when Häggblom has received the supplier's confirmed delivery time, but this is guaranteed only when the products are in Häggblom's warehouse. We reserve the right to errors in the inventory. Transport time from Häggblom warehouse to customes’ is added.


Delivery terms

The ordered products can be picked up from Häggblom's warehouse or sent to the customer by agreement between Häggblom and the customer. Terms of delivery EXW or CPT (INCOTERMS 2010). Häggblom arranges transport for the customer by an operator that Häggblom considers to be best suited in terms of price and quality, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.


Payment terms

Prepayment before delivery, Cash by debit card or after a 14-day net invoice. Häggblom may change the payment terms based on the customer's payment history and credit situation. Interest on late payment must be paid in accordance with the Interest Act. The reminder and collection fee will be paid, if any.


Warranty and complaint

For parts provided by Häggblom, the warranty terms and conditions published on Häggblom 's website are primarily subject to the warranty terms and conditions set forth therein. All complaints must be reported to Häggblom after the identification of the fault. The complaint must be accompanied by complete information such as use of time, detailed causes of the error and photographs describing the defect.


Warranty terms

New and previously unused products have a limited product warranty for the first purchaser of Häggblom's products under the terms described in the following section.


Warranty period

Häggblom's products are covered by the warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery of Häggblom and apply to products that are installed correctly and are in normal use. Consumable parts such as tooth, steel, filters are guaranteed for materials or manufacturing defects for 3 months after delivery and do not apply to normal wear and conditions.


Limitations of the guarantee obligation

Häggblom-products are covered up to the maximum invoiced price value of the product. The warranty does not include or cover:

(a) work, transport or tax/duty caused by compensation under the guarantee.

(b) the replacement of products which have been damaged or worn out as normal, incorrectly installed, due to lack of normal and recommended maintenance or damage caused by components not covered by the warranty.

(c) requests for guarantees which have not been declared complete at a reasonable time after the defect has been detected.

Under no circumstances will Häggblom compensate for collateral damage. This includes loss of revenue, additional costs of repair/exchange or other commercial losses.


Warranty in the event of transport damage or loss of consignment

The customer is responsible for the risk of damaged or lost shipments. If there is transport damage, please note this by entering the transport damage on the consignment note when the goods are delivered. Then contact the current carrier as soon as possible after the damage/loss and store the goods and packaging, as the driver may request to receive them. Always contact the carrier and consider the carrier's terms of transport.


Return policy

The products have a 14-day return right, rated as unused and agreed in advance.


Force majeure

Häggblom reserves then  right to change the time of delivery if the completion of the purchase was prevented from being completed due to the uncontrolled circumstances of Häggblom, such as the strikes, the war, the government's decision, disruptions by Häggblomior a subcontractor or other circumstances that have not caused a relationship that we have not trusted and consequences that we could not reasonably eliminate. In order to beentitled to an extension of the delivery time, Häggblomilla shall inform the customer without delay that the circumstances which led to the delay have occurred. If the purchase cannot be completed within a reasonable time due to the circumstances of this paragraph, either Party may terminate the Agreement to the extent that its implementation is throgated. If the termination of the order in accordance with the previous paragraph is made, the other Party may not be held liable for any other penalty.


Applicable law and dispute resolution

The laws of Finland shall apply to this Agreement. Disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be closed in arbitration  proceedings before the Helsinki Chamber of Commerce, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. Arbitration shall take place in  Helsinki. The finnish language is used in the  procedure. The arbitration required under this arbitration clause falls within the scope of confidentiality. Confidentiality shall include all information aearthing during the proceedings, as well as decisions or arbitrations given in the course of the proceedings. 



Category Warranty period
CHAINS* 12 months / 1000h
 ROLLERS 12 months / 1000h
SPROCKETS 12 months / 1000h
IDLERS 12 months / 1000h
TRACK SHOES 12 months / 1000h
*In forestry use 6 months / 500h