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Track systems

Track systems

We are one of the leading producers of demanding track-operated undercarriages in Europe. We are the only track system manufacturer in Northern Europe that can offer design, manufacturing, maintenance and wear parts for our customers.

While our special strength lies in large track systems, we are also flexible enough to be able to deliver small-scale systems and short series.

Careful design and innovative product development

Our design processes are characterized by customer-friendliness, organization, innovation and being able to integrate with the product control of the customer. Our design service always bases their bespoke structure plans on thorough baseline mapping and the correct component choices. Our designers have access to, among others, state-of-the-art 3D modeling systems and other modern measuring and scanning equipment.

Full use is made of the direct feedback from our engineering workshop, servicing department and mines design and product development purposes. As agents for BERCO and ITM, we are also able to utilize their expertise.

Flexible manufacturing

Our production combines state-of-the-art technology and the traditional Ostrobothnian craftsmanship of our motivated expert staff.

We ourselves run our versatile and modern overall processes that are synchronized with our machine stock and that offer our customers top quality and cost-effectiveness, as well as enabling secure and flexible distribution even on a tight schedule. We value quality, which can be seen in the top-quality components that we use and in the diligent fine-tuning of the end product.

Effective maintenance and high-quality wear parts

Preemptive maintenance is always cheaper than repair. Our efficient life cycle maximizing servicing and maintenance department checks the condition of the track and undercarriage and then prepares a repair plan. The actual maintenance work is always carried out whenever it best suits the customer, either on-site or at our workshop.

We have the largest stock of wear parts in northern Europe. We tap into it for durable high-quality parts for undercarriages and track systems, which ensures the machinery can be run effectively. It also extends the maintenance interval and lowers maintenance costs.

Satisfied customers

The best proof of our expertise are our satisfied long-term customers, that represent the best of the best in their fields: Metso Minerals, Mantsinen Group, Junttan, Sandvik, ALLU, ProSilva, MultiDocker... One of the most complicated projects implemented by Häggblom to date was the undercarriages for two 400-metre long mobile transportation systems designed and delivered for the Terrafame mine.

Get in touch to hear more about us and our track systems, as well as our maintenance and wear part services.

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