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We ensure only the best for our discerning customers

We ensure only the best for our discerning customers

10 June 2021

The high quality and durability of the track undercarriages, buckets and mining equipment we manufacture are based among other things on our knowhow accumulated over almost 70 years of experience, careful design, the right choices of raw materials, the professionalism of our employees and our modern machinery.

We ensure only the best for our discerning customers

Since our buckets are used in almost all mining operations in Finland, we can rightly claim to know even the most demanding operating environments. And we are able to ensure only the best for the most demanding of customers.


Even though our products are durable and of high quality, they are still subject to wear and require maintenance. Because we supply our customers with the best products on the market, we also want to ensure they have access to effective service and maintenance throughout the product lifecycle. In the spirit of our Taking Care concept, “we take care of what we manufacture”.

Our maintenance service is based on pre-emptive maintenance, which minimises the risk of expensive outages and which is always cheaper than repair for our customers. Our pre-emptive maintenance comprises an inspection of the track undercarriage, mining bucket or truck body followed up by a maintenance plan.

We want to make maintenance work as easy as we can for our customers; this is why actual maintenance work is carried out whenever most convenient for the customer – either on-site or at our workshop.

So let us take care of your maintenance cares!