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Quality comes as standard

Quality comes as standard

29 November 2021

Quality comes as standard

Safety and quality specialist Reetta Olkinuora is quality manager at Häggblom.

“I joined Häggblom as quality manager a couple of years ago when they decided to buy the services of a quality specialist from SK Protect. As their external specialist, I’m half inside and half outside their operations, which means I know the company and its employees but am able to look at operations from a suitable distance. This makes it easier for me to identify areas for development,” Olkinuora says.

She mostly works with the management team, serving among other things as a sparring partner and support for decision-making. Our shared aim is to make Häggblom’s processes more systematic and efficient. Olkinuora also strives to put the development needs raised by the personnel into a clear package and to act as the interface and messenger between management and personnel.

Certification process and standards

Olkinuora is also involved in Häggblom’s ISO certification processes. These review among other things the company’s documents, actions and processes and reflect the requirements of the standard applied for. The process is often a long one.

“We first take internal actions that could, for example, be various observations and notifications of operational and quality deviation, ensuring the adequacy of work instruction and streamlining operations. One main objective is always to prevent workplace injuries. After this, the external certification body will review your measures and evaluate whether they have resulted in the desired outcome,” Olkinuora says.

At Häggblom, certification also implements one of the company’s leading ideas: to cascade the strategy down to everyday activities.

”Häggblom already has three important ISO standard certifications in the industry: ISO 9001 for quality and customer focused management, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management, and ISO 3834-2, which applies to welding management. The company is currently planning certification in accordance with ISO 14001 environmental management,” Olkinuora mentions.

Certification benefits the company and customers alike

The above management standards significantly support the implementation of the three aspects in Häggblom’s Taking Care concept : safety, service and environment.

“Häggblom benefits financially from certification through among other things the streamlining of processes. Standards are also means to develop common rules of play, clarify responsibilities, streamline meeting practices or even the careful selection of persons suitable for things. One positive contribution is also the continuous desire for development required by certification and learning from errors,” Olkinuora says.

According to Olkinuora, certification also creates social sustainability. One example of this is the holistic development of the process enhancing the employee job satisfaction and workplace wellbeing.

“All ISO standards essentially involve customer focus. At Häggblom, this is achieved by, for example, keeping promises made to customers or by meeting their requirements. Thanks to certification, customers can also have confidence that the company is managed responsibly,” Olkinuora concludes.