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Our lifecycle services mean reliability and cost savings for mining operations

Our lifecycle services mean reliability and cost savings for mining operations

21 October 2021

Most bucket manufacturers are focused on manufacturing new products and only carry out maintenance work in their workshops. Since most machine manufacturers supplying buckets and wear parts don’t usually have experience of repair welding, they need an external partner. Häggblom’s unique service chain on the other hand has long been providing mining customers with the chance to obtain the design and manufacture of large mining buckets and mining dumper bodies – together with their maintenance and spare and wear parts - from under the same roof. If required, we also take care of decommissioning buckets and dumper bodies.

Häggblom - Lifecycle services

We have developed, among other things, field maintenance in the mine at the customer’s site, where the main focus is on minor or unexpected maintenance and repair work. Major, anticipated maintenance work – such as regular overhauls – will continue to be done in our workshop.

We have particularly addressed wear measurement as well as other control and monitoring services, which provide us with valuable information about bucket and dumper body condition and wear development. We make this information available to our customers in the form of regular reports and thorough advance planning and scheduling of maintenance and servicing.

Our pro-active maintenance measures not only minimise the need for costly ”emergency work” and major repairs but also significantly prolong equipment uptime. These measures also improve production reliability by reducing the risk of outages caused by expected equipment breakdowns.