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New era in logistics

New era in logistics

08 September 2021

At the start of 2018, Häggblom rolled out a new enterprise resource planning system. A major overhaul of logistics functions took place in the same context, and logistics were focused on a separate department. The following summer saw the completion of a new, modern logistics centre on the premises of an old building – which had originally served as Vaasan Ltd’s bakery – next to Häggblom’s Mesilä site. A 1,500 m2 tarpaulin hall supplied by Best Hall was built in conjunction with it. Together, these now formed the centre of Häggblom’s spare parts world, from where products are dispatched to customers and to Häggblom’s other sites: Kokkola (Jänismaa), Kalajoki, Espoo sales office and Häggblom Sverige AB in Luleå, Sweden.

New era in logistics

“All volume growth in spare parts sales, production and servicing also employs logistics. We need to be on the ball the whole time to be able to serve the needs of our customers and production. Fortunately, we have the resources to do so,” says Pasi Eskola Development & Logistics Manager at Häggblom.

Logistics at Häggblom is no longer just the processing of components related to spare parts sales but also embraces a clear support function for production and maintenance. Competence together with information about logistics and material flows are now centred on one place, the organisation now has access to better orientation, and in-house information flow is much easier. The logistics system has also been integrated into similar systems at our partners, all logistics data flows electronically and the goods balance has improved reliability. Our service policy for pickup customers has changed: salespersons no longer need to use forklifts and can instead communicate the customer’s needs to the on-duty logistics staff.

“All this allows us to serve our customers better than ever and to ensure they receive the products they order more accurately than earlier,” Eskola promises in the true spirit of our Taking Care approach.

Coronavirus causing chaos in global freight flows

Häggblom – like all other industrial actors– is suffering from the impacts of coronavirus on international freight flows.

”The availability of vacant shipping containers and the shortage of shipping capacity mean that it is considerably harder these days to arrange sea freight for components shipped from Asia. Also the forwarding prices of these have risen many times. On the other hand, road freight in Europe is suffering from a dire shortage of transport capacity and truck drivers. All this might result in delays in the availability of the products we order from our own suppliers, which in turn could impact the accuracy of our production plans and service to production customers,” regrets Eskola.