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Häggblom buckets have a long service life

Häggblom buckets have a long service life

15 July 2021

Our selection of buckets ranges from an extensive Wolverex collection designed for mid-size earthmoving machinery to large, custom-made mining buckets.

Häggblom buckets have been designed and made to withstand the toughest conditions. This is why our buckets have a very long service life expectancy. For customers, this means considerable total value for money, also through reliability – bucket durability translates into a significantly lower risk of outages.

Because our buckets are exceptionally long lasting and based on our own strong product development, we can say they represent both sustainability and the sustainable development aspect reflected in the values in the Sustainability section of our Taking Care concept.

Häggblom Taking Care of Sustainability 


Everything starts with painstaking design and innovative product development, both of which are based on our long – almost 70 years – of experience and the professional expertise of our employees.
An insight into our customers’ business environments also plays an important role. Since our buckets are used in almost all mining operations in Finland, we can claim to know the requirements posed by even the most demanding applications.
Our design process and product development also make effective use of direct feedback from our workshop, maintenance and customers. As an ESCO dealer, we also have access to the know-how of the world’s largest wear part manufacturer.



We make all buckets from the world’s toughest Hardox ® wear plate in accordance with the process specified for that steel. Finally, we give our carefully finished buckets effective protection and fit them with a high-performance, reliable and safe ESCO Ultralok tooth system.



In the spirit of our Taking Care concept, “we take care of what we manufacture”. Our comprehensive maintenance service covers the entire life of a bucket and is based on pre-emptive maintenance, which minimises the risk of expensive outages and which is always cheaper than repair for our customers. Our pre-emptive maintenance comprises an inspection of the bucket followed up by a maintenance plan and service measures. Maintenance work is carried out whenever most convenient for the customer – either on-site or at our workshop.